Michèle Fuirer | Moving Image
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Moving Image

In the Summer of
Mini DV, 5 minutes
A short film about movement and transition between physical and mental spaces in the summer of some time ago.

Dear Steve … And thank you
Mini DV, May 2013
A personal tribute to friend, filmmaker, writer and designer Stephen Dwoskin.

Contre Jour
7 minutes, mini DV, 2011
The first part of a series of three films which articulate light, space and movement within the frame.

Salut, Salutation
35 second extract from 12 minutes, video stills 2007
An essay in ‘personal cinema’, filmed in France and the UK.

Extract from 7 minutes, 2004

Commission to celebrate 21 years of Cafe Gallery Projects, London, an artist led gallery space.

Still Life Turning
Short extract from four minutes, shot on Hi-8 in 1998