Michèle Fuirer’s art making is a celebration of assemblage – combining, editing and bringing together images and materials –whether in moving image, printmaking or collage.
Her current works consider the gendered relationship to material culture reworked through memory, identity, objects and places.

French Curve uses stencils and templates originated by her father, a cabinet maker, to create a series of dynamic prints within which the repeated shapes shift and morph into complex layers. The repetition of shapes takes on the form of a language or system of representation. Coded within this abstract language are references to furniture making, heritage, and identity.

M_Story is a series of monoprints which evolved from time spent travelling in Morocco.
In this series she resists equating observed appearance with description. Instead, she is recalling vision through memory and transient qualities remain predominant. The work takes place ‘in the moment’ – at the printing press in the coming together of eye, mind and hand.

Flat Birds are materials and memories in unexpected combinations. Coming from the artist’s imagination and her collection of scraps, they spring from what comes to mind and what comes to hand. They are a collage of lost and found items representing how we make meaning from ephemera, over time.

In addition to her studio practice, Michèle has worked professionally as both educator and curator within galleries and museums of contemporary art. She lives in London, works from Thames-Side Studios and has an abiding relationship to France.

  • View of print studio with two prints
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