When titles come first: Edges & Futures

The exhibition at White Box is titled Edges & Futures. This title came before I had planned and selected the works. I was reading a novel by Isabella Hamid, The Parisian – and I found this quote:

‘…the broken edges were part of the whole, and the future narrowed to a point…’

It made me think about the work that I make, a large part of which is collaged together in the act of printing, or after the print has been made.  Collage is about fragments and pieces coming together.  By extension, I see collage as an analogy with the wider sphere of life.

We are edging toward a future which never arrives, because it’s always in the future. We are perpetually on edge, on an edge where things meet, join, touch, connect or move toward each other.

Are the edges part of the whole or are they a thing in themselves?

Window of White Box Gallery, January 2021.