Selection from the series ‘Interiors’.


From the 4th to the 19th of June  I will be once again exhibiting in the wonderful community based White Box Gallery in Blackheath, London curated and owned by Frances and Graham High. This time the doors will be open and allow a close up look at the work!  During lockdown I continued working with monoprints as a fast and spontaneous image making process. I started to combine found images from magazines with the prints. Each piece of work I make leads me to the next, often repeating colour and shape and other times making a leap in a new direction. It is certainly the case that one thing follows  another, hence the title of this new show.

Selection from the series ‘Interiors’.

Window of White Box Gallery, January 2021.

When titles come first: Edges & Futures

The exhibition at White Box is titled Edges & Futures. This title came before I had planned and selected the works. I was reading a novel by Isabella Hamid, The Parisian – and I found this quote:

‘…the broken edges were part of the whole, and the future narrowed to a point…’

It made me think about the work that I make, a large part of which is collaged together in the act of printing, or after the print has been made.  Collage is about fragments and pieces coming together.  By extension, I see collage as an analogy with the wider sphere of life.

We are edging toward a future which never arrives, because it’s always in the future. We are perpetually on edge, on an edge where things meet, join, touch, connect or move toward each other.

Are the edges part of the whole or are they a thing in themselves?

Window of White Box Gallery, January 2021.

January 2021 News

Exhibition at White Box Gallery, Blackheath, London

Detail from Earth Sync I, monoprint 51 x 73 cm

Throughout the month of January 2021 I am showing work in White Box in Blackheath, London. Due to the current restrictions, the work is viewable in the gallery window only.  The gallery is run by Frances and Graham High and has tremendous local support and is also a support for artists. It’s a small space with a big heart! It is genuinely a white box, rectangular shaped. It has the magic quality of appearing bigger once the work is installed.  You can see the gallery here:  Although it’s winter and we are in the midst of a pandemic and a very harsh and difficult time for so many people, I am cheered by the fact that some art spaces can still operate and that White Box is giving time and space to artists.

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 7 – 10 November 2019

I will be exhibiting alongside other Thames-Side Print Studio members at the Fair.

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair is the only fair in London to deal solely in contemporary printmaking, and the largest of its kind in the UK, set in the impressive former cartridge factory at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich.  With over 500 specialist artists and exhibitors, WCPF celebrates every aspect of printmaking – from etching and lithography, to woodblock and screen-printing, exciting  emerging talent sits alongside established practitioners


M_Story 18 Maison